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What is Capsiva?

Capsiva is a natural pain relief gel made from capsaicin, a natural ingredient that people have used for centuries. Unlike other pain relievers, Capsiva blocks your body's pain signal at the source, giving you real relief.

Why try Capsiva?

  • Natural pain relief
  • Stops pain at its source
  • Increases blood flow to the applied area
  • No burning sensation
  • Non-steroidal

How it works

How we’ve turned nature’s ancient defense system into a powerful pain reliever.

Remember the burning sensation you feel after eating a hot pepper? That's caused by capsaicin, an active component in chili peppers that protects them from predators. But when applied to your body topically, capsaicin blocks the pain signal and naturally draws blood flow to that area to support the healing process.

Researchers have known for generations that capsaicin was one of the most potent natural pain relievers. But there was always a catch.

If they used capsaicin topically, it irritated and burned the skin.

Until now, all capsaicin products have contained small amounts of capsaicin—not enough to truly relieve pain. We have discovered a way to remove the heat and side effects from capsaicin and unlock its true benefits. Our secret revolutionary blend gives you real relief.

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Capsiva box and bottle
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