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Why Capsiva

Up until this point, you’ve been faced with two bad options for healing your chronic pain. Some pain relievers claim to relieve your pain, but don't. Others appear to relieve your pain, but in exchange for relief, you harm your body and risk addiction. We’re here to give you a better and final option.

Capsiva is a pain relief gel made from ingredients so natural it could be on your dinner plate.

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Why Capsiva is better than the pain relievers that have failed you before.

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Learn how Capsiva has helped our customers live without pain

Capsiva has literally changed my life. After almost 50 years of daily back pain from congenital disc issues, I now have no back pain at all with daily use. Unbelievable! I am so convinced of its effectiveness.

Steve B.

I have on going neck pain from an accident. Capsiva is the only product I have found that helps relieve the pain.

Angela B.

I spilled a pan of sizzling bacon grease on my hand. A visit to the hospital emergency room offered no relief. My next door neighbor gave me a tube of Capsiva and in ten minutes I was out of pain. I suffered no further pain as I continued treatment for the next two days.

Jenny H.

I have arthritic knees. Capsiva is the only thing that gives me relief. I call it my "Miracle Gel"!

Jerry E.

While on vacation, I got a serious sunburn on an overcast day. My friend had a tube of Capsiva and he applied some to my sunburn. To my amazement the pain was gone in seconds. It saved my vacation. In addition, I didn't even peel.

Kae R.

I have serious arthritis in many of my joints. Oral pain medication alone is only marginally helpful, but coupled with Capsiva, I am out of pain.

Joyce C.

I was in an auto accident that gave me a whip-lashed neck. A friend told me about Capsiva. It was the only pain reliever that gave me respite during my recovery.

Diana R.

This gel has changed my life. With spinal cord compression surgery, to nerve damage. I have been using this for over a month. I can't thank you enough with joint damage from Lupus. Everyone should try, you will see such a difference....thank you Capsiva for changing my life.

Sharon H.

I’m so pleased with Capsiva! I’ve used it on my post surgical ankle and shoulder for pain relief and it is awesome. It’s better than any other topical pain reliever including the lidocaine patches I was given.

Sherri S.

How It Works

How we’ve turned nature’s ancient defense mechanism into a powerful pain reliever.

Remember the burning sensation you feel after eating a hot pepper? That's caused by capsaicin, an active component in chili peppers that protects them from predators. But when applied to your body topically, capsaicin shuts off the pain signal and draws blood flow to that area to start natural healing.

Researchers have known for generations that capsaicin was one of the most potent natural pain relievers. But there was always a catch. 

If they used too much capsaicin topically, it irritated and burned the skin.

Until now, most capsaicin products have contained less than .75% capsaicin—not enough to truly relieve pain. We have discovered a way to remove capsaicin’s burning sensation to increase strength and unlock its true benefits. Our secret revolutionary blend gives you real relief.

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If you’re cautious about trying a new pain reliever, we understand. Many of our customers have been through the ringer of pain pills and natural remedies that just don’t work. Let us know what’s holding you back, and we’ll help as best we can.