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The Capsiva Story: What started as a home remedy, has transformed the lives of all types of pain sufferers.

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A natural remedy that started at home…

Ten years ago, the Bean family invented a “secret sauce” that did a remarkable job relieving pain. Over the next decade, the family perfected the blend, which used capsaicin as its active ingredient.

In doing so, the Bean family managed to achieve something chemists have tried and failed at for many years. They were able to unlock the real benefits of capsaicin without the associated side effects (such as the heat, burning and  itching). The Bean family partnered with entrepreneur, Michael Bianchi in 2016 to turn their discoveries into a product they could share with the world, and Capsiva was born.

Our goal is to help people around the world with their everyday pain. We are proud that our revolutionary blend allows us to deliver all the benefits of capsaicin without the heat and no side effects.

We attribute our discoveries to our faith in God and the Bean family for partnering and working together with Michael. Our passion is developing products that are one of a kind and help people live better lives.

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What's next for Capsiva?

We are always striving to find new uses for our formulation to help out as many pain sufferers as we can. Capsaicin is such an amazing and effective compound, and we want everyone to be free of pain and suffering.

We see impressive lab results with our formulation. It's combatting eczema, psoriasis, insect bites, sunburn, arthritis, acne, muscle pains, joint pain, and others that we can’t wait for you to try out.

Our customers are so pleased with Capsiva that they keep sending us amazing testimonials. Not only of how it helped them alleviate their pain, but also uses we had never imagined.

Have you come up with a use we haven’t mentioned? Let us know. We’d love to test it in our laboratory. If it works, it will help others, and relieving pain is our only goal.

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If you’re cautious about trying a new pain reliever, we understand. Many of our customers have been through the ringer of pain pills and natural remedies that just don’t work. Let us know what’s holding you back, and we’ll help as best we can.