How it Works

Get real, natural, pain relief with Capsiva. Capsiva gives you relief from pain, arthritis, headaches, sunburn, burns and more. We harnessed the healing power of capsaicin without the heat and no side effects.

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How it works

Remember the burning sensation you feel after eating a hot pepper? That's caused by capsaicin, an active component in chili peppers that protects them from predators. But when applied to your body topically, capsaicin blocks the pain signal and naturally draws blood flow to that area to support the healing process.

Researchers have known for generations that capsaicin was one of the most potent natural pain relievers. But there was always a catch.

If they used capsaicin topically, it irritated and burned the skin.

Until now, all capsaicin products have contained small amounts of traditional capsaicin—not effective enough to truly relieve pain. We have discovered a way to remove the heat and side effects from capsaicin and unlock its true benefits. Our secret revolutionary blend gives you real relief.

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Incredible product. Works very fast, I apply it to my lower back first thing in the morning when my aches begin then again before bed. Very effective at relieving pain quickly even deep tissue pain.

Testimonial Preview

This Product works Great on my lower back . I thought I would never find a product that actually worked and this DOES! I also recently had shoulder surgery and I could not believe how it managed the pain. I will definitely be ordering more!

J. Ochylski
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I wanted to let you know what this miracle gel has done for me. I had spine surgery, pain was terrible. I was sent a sample of Capsiva, I was amazed how quickly the pain went away. The pain products my doctors gave me can't compare to Capsiva. I wish everyone would give this a try.


Capsiva is an absolute game changer. I have a lot of back pain and this is the only thing that helps. Say goodbye to the pills and hello to the miracle gel. I would highly recommend this product.

Capsiva Customer
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I’m so glad my daughter brought home this sample she got at Ferndale market, I have problems with my back and had problems with my shoulder, I use Capiva and I always get instant relief, Thank You so much for creating this Great product it truly does work like a Miracle.

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If you’re cautious about trying a new pain reliever, we understand. Many of our customers have been through a range of pain pills and natural remedies that aren’t working. Let us know your concerns, and we’ll help answer them. We’re here for you.