Does Capsiva Provide Natural Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

Does Capsiva Provide Natural Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

The amount of options when it comes to pain relief products leaves a lot of room for misconceptions. It’s hard to know exactly how effective a certain product will be or what it means to have a natural pain relief gel.

Does it mean the ingredients are natural, or the healing process is natural? In some cases, it’s one or the other and in many cases, it’s neither.

However, Capsiva provides both. Our proprietary blend is made with ingredients so natural they could be on your dinner plate!

Capsaicin has long been known as one of nature’s ancient defense mechanisms. It is the active component in hot peppers that gives off the heat when you bite into it.

So not only does Capsiva contain natural ingredients that help relieve pain, but it also enhances your body’s natural healing process. How? It comes down to two simple things:

  1. Our proprietary blend blocks your pain signals (real relief)
  2. It reduces inflammation by drawing more blood flow to the area (natural healing)

By utilizing your body’s natural chemistry, Capsiva ensures that not only will it reduce the sensation of pain, but it will also block the source of your pain.

Whether you’re dealing with muscle pain or joint pain from arthritis, Capsiva works the same way by blocking the pain signal and drawing blood flow to that area which reduces inflammation.

Many natural pain relief products have natural ingredients but are only distracting you from the aches and pains. Whether it’s with hot and cold therapy or by other means, these natural pain relief solutions might be avoiding the harmful side effects of NSAIDs.

However, while you might not feel the pain temporarily, it is always going to come back and rear its ugly head. Capsiva allows you to feel true pain relief while also natural healing the source of the pain.

How to Use Capsiva

Because Capsiva is a natural pain relief gel, some of the effects are going to be dependent on your body’s chemistry. No two cases of pain or inflammation are going to exactly alike from a physiological standpoint.

Capsaicin Pain Relief

Some of our clients come back to us the day after they have begun using Capsiva to express how quickly they noticed the effects. For others, it has taken multiple applications before their bodies have unlocked the true benefits of Capsiva.

The good news is that since Capsiva is a pain relief gel with natural ingredients, it can be applied generously. The more it is applied, the more your body will get the true effects of capsaicin and your symptoms may go away faster.

Instead of masking the pain which can create further complication, Capsiva reduces discomfort and enhances the healing processing by addressing the source of the problem – inflammation.

Our capsaicin blend works as the active ingredient and reduces the inflammation of muscles, tendons, nerves, & ligaments.

Lastly, Capsiva supports healthy blood circulation in the affected area and improves critical nerve function.

Capsaicin and Pain Relief

As previously mentioned, capsaicin has long been known as one of the best natural solutions for pain relief. The only real side effect that has been documented is the burning sensation that can sometimes accompany capsaicin creams and gels.

However, our team at Capsiva took care of that problem. We spent years working on our revolutionary capsaicin blend with the goal of removing the burning sensation. By accomplishing that, we knew we could unlock the true benefits of capsaicin and offer real pain relief.

When applied directly to the skin, capsaicin reduces the levels of Substance P, a chemical that helps transmit pain signals to your brain. With our blend, more Substance P will be depleted.

Importance of Blood Flow

Blood flow is extremely important when it comes to anti-inflammatory pain relief gels. Inflammation occurs when tissues are injured by trauma, heat, bacteria or other causes. The damaged cells in the tissue release chemicals such as histamine bradykinin, which cause blood vessels to leak fluid into the tissues that leads to swelling.

By increasing your blood flow, your body will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the injured areas. It will also help flush out any bacteria or chemicals that were created as a result of the injury.

Capsaicin helps achieve complete resolution from inflammation by removing the inflammatory chemicals and removing any white blood cells.


Capsiva provides natural pain relief by targeting inflammation and pain at the root of the problem. Instead of distracting you from the pain, Capsiva works by blocking the pain signals, increasing healthy blood flow and helping reduce inflammation.

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