Frequently Asked Questions About Capsiva's Pain Relief Gel

Frequently Asked Questions About Capsiva's Pain Relief Gel

What is Capsiva Arthritis Pain Relief Gel?

Capsiva is a homeopathic, arthritis pain relief gel. Capsiva temporarily provides real, risk-free* relief for minor arthritis, back, joint, and muscle pain.
Capsiva is different from other pain relief gels because it has no known side effects, and no known drug interactions. Unlike other topical pain relief products, Capsiva provides risk-free* pain relief without a harsh scent or heat.
If you are experiencing pain and are unsure if it is arthritis, read our guide here: Do I have Arthritis?

What are the active ingredients in Capsiva?

The homeopathic active ingredients in Capsiva are capsicum annuum, containing capsaicin, and arnica montana.

These ingredients have been used in pain-relief products for centuries. Our trade-secret process allows us to harness the power of these ingredients to help you get back to your life - pain-free!

How is there no heat in Capsiva if it uses capsaicin?

Our proprietary homeopathic formula is a scientific breakthrough that has allowed us to use all of the benefits from capsicum annuum, containing capsaicin, with none of the heat or side effects -allowing for relief from your minor aches and arthritis pain!

What is a homeopathic formula?

Homeopathic medicine refers to the belief that the body can heal itself. Homeopathy uses trace amounts of homeopathic active ingredients to support this process.

How is Capsiva different from other topical gels?

Capsiva uses homeopathic active ingredients, while other topicals use monograph drugs.

Capsiva discovered a proprietary process that allows us to remove all the heat from capsicum annuum containing capsaicin. This makes it safe to use with all pre-existing conditions because there are no known side effects.

It's important to note, studies have shown products applied to the skin can enter the bloodstream within minutes. For this reason, it's important to treat topical pain-reliving products with the same concern you would a medication, as other products can interact with medicines prescribed by your doctor. Capsiva is different because there are no known side effects or drug interactions.

How does applying Capsiva feel?

Unlike other pain relievers, Capsiva is a light, non-greasy formula which temporarily provides minor relief from arthritis, back, joint, and muscle pain. You will not experience a burning or cooling sensation when using Capsiva, nor a harsh odor.

How long does it take for Capsiva to work?

Capsiva has a fast-absorbing formula, but the length of time may vary from person to person. You may use Capsiva until you receive the desired amount of relief.

Where can I buy Capsiva?

Capsiva is available online right from our website. We offer fast and free shipping so you can get pain-relief when you need it most. Also subscribe and save, and you won't have to worry about remembering to pick up your pain-relief gel!

Capsiva is also available in select retail locations. To find a location near you, check out our store locator.

How does the 30-day money-back guarantee work?

Depending on where you made your purchase, your return may look different. For complete instructions on how to make your return, check out our Returns Page

How to Use Capsiva's Topical Pain Relief Gel 

How do I use Capsiva?

To use Capsiva, apply a generous amount of the gel on the affected and surrounding areas. Apply to the area of pain, as needed. Adjust usage to achieve desired pain reduction. Do not use over other topical remedies.

Unless used for pain on your hands, wash your hands once you finish applying.

How do I open Capsiva?

For the tube, unscrew the cap and peel off the safety tab and screw the cap back on. Then open the lid and squeeze Capsiva onto your hands and apply to the area in pain.

For the roll-on, remove the perforated seal, unscrew the cap, and use the roll-on applicator to the area in pain. 

How do you remove the safety seal?

For the tube, if you cannot remove the safety seal, you can poke a hole in the seal with a pin which will allow you to use the product.

For the roll-on, if you cannot remove the perforated seal, you may use a pair of scissors to cut the seal. 

Where can I use Capsiva?

Capsiva is safe to use on any areas that are experiencing pain. Apply Capsiva to clean skin, use enough to cover the affected and surrounding areas. 

Do not use Capsiva on broken or damaged skin, or on an open wound. Keep away from your mouth and eyes. 

How often should I use Capsiva for minor back, arthritis, and join pain relief?

Apply Capsiva to the area of pain as needed. Adjust use to achieve desired relief.  

How much Capsiva should I use?

When applying Capsiva, use enough to cover the entire affected and surrounding areas. 

Further questions?

You can email us any further questions at Or call us at (888) 212-8188.